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Paul Kennedy

Born in Glasgow in 1981, Paul’s talent was recognised early when at the age of twelve he won the competition to design the Edinburgh Festival Fringe poster. He went on to graduate from Edinburgh College of Art in 2004 and took the risky decision to become a full-time painter from his own studio in the Merchant City. Much of his work has been inspired by the city, depicting a narrative between the people and their surroundings. His paintings are strongly connected to experiences in his own life. Recently he has been more interested in the coast and countryside painting everything from boats and seafood to farm animals and machinery. When asked to paint a sheep at the Royal Highland Show Paul wanted to create designs that could relate to his own work as well as relate to agriculture at the same time. After looking through his paintings he decided that the best way forward for his design was to paint the sheep like he was just doing one of his everyday paintings. He decided to paint the beach in Lindisfarne in Cumbria. After many holidays to the Berwickshire coast he thought that painting Lindisfarne onto the sheep as a full canvas would work as it’s an environment where sheep are never far away. He painted the whole head and upper body blue with the picturesque beach and castle in the back ground with one of his signature boats on the lower part. This worked well as it made the sheep become it’s own environment.

RHS 185

Daria Zapala

My name is Daria Zapala. I am a contemporary visual artist based in Glasgow who predominantly works with painting. Through my works, I demonstrate continued interest in the concept of semiotics, process painting and colour psychology. My paintings show the desire to capture the world in concepts and pictures. Referencing animal symbolism, I evoke a shamanic journey where the spirit animal is great at slicing through chaos and confusion, allowing for new levels of healing and transformation to breakthrough. My pictorial representation becomes a matter of creating a state of connection and understanding oneself. For the "Flock to the Show" project, I decided to follow the main thread from my creative practice, which focuses on understanding oneself. You get to know yourself not only by interacting with other people but also by how you live, what you eat and what kind of consciousness you have about the surrounding world. Hence, I painted my sheep with meat-identifying parts. This decision has several purposes based on ecology and eating meat, health and nutrition facts and sheep meat symbolism.

Daria Zapala Artist

Matt Vale

Matt Vale studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art graduating in 2004. Since this time Matt has exhibited work throughout Scotland and had illustrations published in zines and books. I was fascinated by the shifting influence sheep have had on the Scottish landscape and culture. My design references Chrysomallos, the golden ram from Greek mythology which is believed to be a representation of the wealth that farming brings. The image on the right side of the sheep was inspired by the waulking songs that were sung by groups of women while softening wool to be woven. The image on the left side of the sheep is an update of the arms of the Incorporation of Edinburgh Weavers including images of a beaver and a sea eagle, species that were native to Scotland, driven to extinction by humans but now reintroduced. I was inspired to use pink for the sheep by 1980’s golf wear, in particular the Nick Faldo range by Pringle.

Matt Vale

Adriana De Matos

Adriana was born in Portugal where she trained as a professional artist. She moved to Scotland in 2014, where she fell in love with the beauty of the country’s fauna and flora. She began portraying native forest creatures, birds and, occasionally, more exotic species too - using oil paint (her preferred medium) and also ink and watercolour. With this collection of works in mind she decided to create her own wildlife illustration business, selling not only her original artwork but also an affordable range of prints and merchandise inspired by this natural portfolio. Her motto is to bring the Woodlands into people's Homes, and to connect them with Natures’ most singular creatures. Adriana also combines her wildlife artwork with a busy career as a portrait artist, currently portraying not only people but also numerous pet animals of all kinds.

Adriana De Matos (2)

Alasdair Couzens

"Born in Cumbria and growing up in a farming community, Als (short for Alasdair) moved north to study Biology at St. Andrews University. With a flair for creating brands, he worked as a freelance Graphic Designer and started to develop his own unique style of modern digital artwork in his spare time. Moving to Edinburgh, he now works as a full-time artist designing modern artwork of things he loves including fun animal breed prints, agricultural paintings and modern photography. With a wealth of experience working with a range of start-ups and established organisations, Als also works on a range of projects with local UK businesses. By combining creativity and a foundation in brand strategy, Als offers clients a broad range of creative services including branding, website design, video production and business advice to help them engage with customers and grow their brand.

Als Couzens

Anna Bilyk

Anna Bilyk is an artist/designer based in central Scotland. Her work is inspired through her love for travel and her surrounding landscape, these two elements and her creative practice are intrinsically linked and both as important as each other. Documentation of places explored is another important element throughout her work and a strong motivation. Now predominantly working with printmaking, specifically lino print she is focusing on the exploration of this medium and her capabilities through it.

Anna Bilyk

Billy Hutchison

Billy graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2001 and currently lives and works as an Artist/Illustrator in Dundee. He took part in his first public trail in Oor Wullies BIG Bucket trial 2019 and recently in the Rocket Round Leicester trail in 2021. In 2020 and in 2022, Billy was selected to create Christmas Tree's in partnership with the V&A Dundee. Billy searches for the best way to interpret his ideas and does not limit himself to one medium, style or concept. His inspiration and ideas constantly change. During development stage of a concept, Billy tries to research the topic of his idea looking for connections/relationships which helps provide the framework for the design.

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Bobbi Vetter

Bobbi is an award-winning artist/illustrator based In Oban , Argyll with 30+ years of practice in solo and community arts. Her Scottish background is important to her and features in her work. Inspired by the wildlife & environment and the heritage and culture of Scotland. Using watercolour, inks, Acrylics and digital techniques to create her work, but always looking for ways to improve and experiment with ideas. As a Gaelic learner she enjoys including text in Gaelic and English in her work alongside her art. As a lifelong learner, Bobbi is keen to share her work and passions with others and is developing a range of resources for use in heritage education. Bobbi is currently working toward a solo exhibition “A crofters life”, featuring humorous illustrations of the lives of farmers & crofters in remote areas of Argyll and the Western Isles


Bridget Milesi

Bridget Milesi is a visual artist & production designer recently moved to the UK from Melbourne, Australia. Her freelance artistic practice includes costume and set designs for theatre, film, dance, opera and events, as well as working across illustration, painting and sculpture. She creates pieces that are nostalgic, fun and at times pointed. Bridget holds a first-class degree in Production (Design Realisation) at the Victorian College of the Arts where she was awarded the Orloff Family Trust Scholarship. In 2021 Bridget had her first solo art exhibition at Brunswick Street Gallery: Straight From The Poolroom where she reworked scenes from iconic films and television across a number of paintings and sculptures. In 2019 Bridget featured as an emerging artist in First Commissions, A Major Australian Art Concept where her sculpture of a hedgehog formed a commentary on the unjust treatment of asylum seekers. Bridget has worked with a wide range of Australian and uk companies, including Melbourne Art Centre, Gorman, Princess Highway, Polyglot Theatre, Back to Back Theatre, The Listies and Snuff Puppets. Bridget recently completed the costume design for Victorian Opera’s A Christmas Carol and has worked for the past four years as the creative producer for Playable Streets.


Charity McArdle

Charity McArdle trained in London in the early 90s but lost touch with making her own work in the melee of starting a career in teaching, raising a family and moving to Scotland. She rediscovered her practice in 2015 when she decided to have a year of ‘making rubbish’ and focusing on ‘quantity, not quality’. This led to NHS portraits for heroes, the coyly provocative ‘Caledonian Buddha’ and a range of land and seascapes. Her current work presents sweeping, sumptuously painted suggested landscapes, brooding skies and waiting bodies of waters which invite the viewer to contemplation. Elements of infrastructure and industry creep in, lightly but resolutely present. Her work has a contained tension which belies the sumptuous nature of these oil paintings. There is a brooding anticipation within much of her work and this is echoed in the dissonance between elements of her visual language. Does the landscape protect or threaten? Do the clouds offer hope or impending turmoil? Does the surface texture invite or repel? The relationship of colour and gesture to the human experience and how this can connect at a deeper, spiritual level is also prominent in Charity’s work.


Daria Zapala

Daria Zapala is a contemporary visual artist who works in painting, printmaking and multimedia. Her practice demonstrates a continued interest in the concept of semiotics, process painting and colour psychology. Many of Zapala's paintings show the desire to capture the world in concepts and pictures. Referencing animal symbolism, she evokes a shamanic journey where the spirit animal is great at slicing through chaos and confusion, allowing for new levels of healing and transformation to breakthrough. Her representation becomes a matter of creating a state of connection and understanding oneself. The artist has exhibited widely both in the UK and overseas. Her work has been featured at Embassy Gallery Edinburgh, Glasgow Art Club, Mall Galleries London, Shrine New York City USA, and Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts USA. She has worked for several arts organisations, including Glasgow Print Studio, Center for Contemporary Arts and Gallery of Modern Art.

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David Greig

Davie Greig , local artist from Thurso, Caithness enjoys using the surroundings from his hometown of Thurso and his wife Melanie's place of birth , John o' Groats as inspiration for some of his recent landscape paintings. Since 2021, Davie has raised over £7000 for local charities including Macmillan Cancer Support , Beat :- The Eating Disorder charity, John o Groats Development Trust Playpark Project & local foodbanks from his portraits of Sporting Greats Ange Postecoglou , Celtic FC Manager and Sir Alex Ferguson after managing to get each painting signed by the men themselves and running fundraisers. As well as a growing commission waiting list Davie's most notable commissions to date have been for John O' Groats brewery depicting Jan de Groot,his family and Duncansby Stacks. He also has a number of pieces of artwork on display at Aberdeen Football Club.

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Eilidh Geddes

Eilidh Geddes is an artist and PhD student who has been creating realistic animal portraits for over a decade. Growing up in Caithness, she began drawing at a young age and her hobby quickly grew into a thriving pet portrait business. However, with a keen interest in science, Eilidh moved to Glasgow to complete a degree in Veterinary Biosciences followed by a Masters’ degree researching sheep scab, a parasitic disease of major importance to the UK sheep industry. Having found a passion for agricultural research, Eilidh now resides in the Scottish Borders, pursuing a PhD at Moredun Research Institute investigating sustainable parasite control on Scottish hill and upland sheep farms. While at university, Eilidh continued drawing and was awarded the people’s choice award in the Jackson’s Art Portraits competition with her portrait of a Staffordshire bull terrier. Through her highly sensitive realistic style she aims to capture the unique personality of each pet. While most of Eilidh’s work features dogs and cats, she enjoys creating pieces which demonstrate her passion for Scottish agriculture. Consequently, Eilidh was thrilled to be selected to paint a sheep for ‘Flock to the Show’ to use her art to highlight issues facing Scottish agriculture.


Emma McKie

Isle of Mull based Artist, Emma Mckie, has been honing her skills in painting and printmaking for the past serval years. Originally studying fashion design at Herriot Watt university, Emma blended her design skills with her passion for the nature surrounding her island home. In her practice, Emma specialises in gouache and watercolour paintings of sealife on vintage Admiralty charts, connecting nature to location. With a colourful lens to life, she uses screen-print and linocutting in her printmaking, creating bold, timeless lampshades and designs, with the aim of bringing joy into peoples homes.

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Gerry Gapinski

Gerry Gapinski is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in Edinburgh. He works out of his studio gallery at 30 St Marys Street in the city’s old town, and he is known for painting large scale interior canvases, the themes of which are based around nature, surrealism and popular culture. Much of his work can be seen in public spaces around the city centre, as he has been commissioned to paint large scale murals, the most recent of which was for National Album Day and BBC Sounds, and is located in Edinburgh at the Waverley Mall. This mural was a reimagining of The Fratellis debut album, for which he worked in correspondence with Jack Vettriano in gaining permission to inspire his image with Vettrianos famous work, “The Singing Butler.” Previous commissions can also be seen at ‘The Candy Bar’ and ‘Eastside Bar,’ both of which are on George Street. Presently, he has just completed a trilogy of record covers for the band, ‘The Filthy Tongues,’ a project which was started in 2016, his artwork used for each of the three album packages, all reflecting Edinburgh and its darker side. The last and most recent album, released at the end of January 2023, has reached number three in the Scottish album charts.

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Gillian Robb

I live on a Farm in Ayrshire and work as an Art teacher part time at a rural secondary school. The rest of the time I Farm and create Artwork. We produce beef cows, commercial sheep, laying hens and I also show Dutch Spotted Sheep. The link between Art and Farming are a huge interest to me. I have always had an awareness of the similarities of the two and looked to the rural landscape and customs as inspiration throughout my practice; from taking sheep to Glasgow School of Art to writing on the interlink between the subjects. Since then, I have immersed myself in rural life with my husband and wee girl and take inspiration from everyday life, producing drawings and linocuts. My work gives voice to the people of the rural world and highlight why it is such a timeless and special place.


Jan Laird

In Jan Laird’s bright studio you’ll find a poignant quote that always inspires her: ‘They said she couldn’t, so she did.’ It’s a mantra that has sustained her on an incredible journey to becoming a successful artist. As a teenager, Jan dreamed of becoming an artist. She loved to draw and paint and spent hours lost in creativity on her family farm, surrounded by nature. However, the path to realising her dream wasn’t an easy one. After being rejected by art school several times, she finally got a place at the University of Cumbria, where she gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. One evening, she painted her first Highland Cow, and her supportive mum loved it, taking it to a local framer. To Jan’s amazement, it sold quickly to a local gift shop and changed everything, giving Jan drive to continue. That simple investment in a frame was her turning point and, ten years later, Jan is a well-known artist who has grown her business in ways she couldn’t have imagined. Her range of beautiful artwork, home and giftware is available in over 50 shops across the UK, and through a solid online business. Her animal paintings are cute and unique, with so much natural character that they exude joy and happiness, giving her customers a good reason to smile.

Jan Laird

Jayne Schofield

I am a full-time freelance children’s illustrator living in Lancashire with my husband, son and tabby cat Olly. After gaining a degree in Illustration I spent some time working in industry as children’s designer for companies such as Royal Doulton, Lilliput Lane and Jumpers before embarking on a freelance career. I now work from my studio which overlooks the garden where I gain lots of inspiration for my books, surface pattern designs and paintings. I have gained many years of experience working in the children’s design market and the art I produce has adorned a vast array of products in the high street including textiles, bedding, knitwear, puzzles and greeting cards. My real love lies in illustrating children’s books and I work closely with most of the top high street children’s publishers to create colourful and engaging board books, activity and picture books. I work in with both traditional and digital methods, incorporating texture and pattern to create my bright and quirky illustrations. I love to create art that makes people smile.

Jayne Schofield Pic

Jennifer McHardy

Jenny McHardy is a Knitwear Designer working from her studio in Fife. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2007 she has taught textile workshops in schools, colleges and at university as well as running her own busy knitwear label, Nervous Stitch. This is the fourth public art commission she has undertaken. Jenny is passionate about Scottish knitwear and textiles and she always incorporates knit into every piece, keeping Scottish textiles relevant, contemporary and conversed about.

Jenny Mchardy

Julie Cully

I was brought up on a large arable farm in the south of England. Second eldest of four girls! Tomboy! On leaving school and being denied a place at Reading College of Art by my parents, I went to work on the farm instead! Driving machinery and working with my father in his workshop as he was a mechanic and I learnt a lot. I went on to agricultural college and then after decided it was time to travel. I spent 10 years roaming around the world working on different farms and ended up driving lorries for a safari company from London to Kathmandu Nepal. Wild Camping – dangerous but exciting, with 16 tourists, two driver and a lot of paperwork. I have three passions in my life, my three dogs, the countryside/agriculture and art. So when I was 44 I went back to university and finally did my art degree and loved every minute of it. I now teach in the community and I am a maker of all things arty.


Julie-Anne Pugh

Julie-Anne is a British surface designer and muralist who specialises in outdoor work and in particular, gardening. The artist grew up in a flower shop in Shropshire and worked for beekeepers throughout her time at Central Saint Martins. Striving to champion the underdogs of the everyday, she uses striking, hand painted Watering Cans as a canvas to inspire others to whole-heartedly celebrate the world we have. Following a collaboration with The Conran Shop, Julie-Anne’s work has been stocked in design-led retailers in London, Seoul and Tokyo, by the British Design Museum and more recently for the opening of Paul Smith’s cafe in Paris.

Julie Anne Pugh

Kath Pender

Kath Pender creates paintings and drawings inspired by our connection to the wild and mountainous landscapes of Scotland. Through sketching and photographing the landscape while on outdoor adventures, she creates artwork that evokes the feelings and emotions of being immersed in nature, as well as representing specific places and stories. She uses a mix of observational drawings and layers of oil paints and varnishes to get the movement and flow into her work, mixing the permanence of the rock and mountains with the ever-changing elements of weather, water and sky. Her artistic career spans over 20 years since studying at art school, and she is currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. Her artwork has grown from extensive exploration around both Scotland and also New Zealand, where she spent nearly a decade painting in wild and remote places. A well as drawing and painting for exhibitions and commissioned work, Kath also runs art workshops in stunning locations around Scotland.

Kath Pender Image

Lola Awada

Lola is a multi-disciplinary artist creating across different media, including painting, sculpture, photography, installations and photomontages, as such, her work is quite varied and she uses an array of different materials in her work. Her major inspiration comes from nature, the interconnectedness of everything with and within nature, and music. She was born in Beirut, and is Franco-Lebanese. When she was three, war broke out in Lebanon and from then on her upbringing took place ping-ponging between Lebanon, Italy and France (Lyon), though mainly in Lebanon. She has been living in London since June 1990. Mostly self-taught, Lola first took photography courses in London and years later, after becoming a mother, completed a BA in Graphic Design and Illustration at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London). Lola has exhibited both nationally and internationally and collaborated with other international artists and organisations several times, something she particularly likes doing. She is multilingual (English, French, Spanish, Arabic and currently learning Mandarin). Her cross-cultural upbringing, way of life and friends, have left her feeling universal, belonging to no place in particular and to all places at once.

Lola Awada Photo

Lynne Fleming

Lynne Fleming (b.1958 ), is a Scottish Artist who loves to paint.After a Foundation Year at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art she went to the Edinburgh College of Art and specialised in Glass Design and Stained Glass, embracing both her love of the meticulous and joy of colour. On graduating, she worked for Caithness Glass, designing and Copperwheel Engraving before moving to farm in Strathmore. Her paintings are of local landscapes, recalling and recording beloved images, also flowers and seascapes from the West Coast, where she returns yearly. The sky is probably her favourite thing. Oil with impasto and acrylics are mediums of choice but mixed media is enjoyed when the subject suggests it. Textures and controlled layering are paramount.

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Marianne Frew

Marianne Frew is a watercolour artist based in Alyth, Perthshire. Originally from the Island of Luing in Argyll. She has a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Practice and worked in the industry for over 20 years. Then while working as Joint Event Coordinator for Alyth Creates, a festival of art, music, heritage and the outdoors, she felt inspired to return to painting and has been creating her artwork for just over 2 years. Since beginning this new journey Marianne has a passion for painting wildlife, farm animals, people and birds. Inspired by the nature and wildlife that she loves and the beautiful environments that she has been fortunate to have known throughout her life. Marianne paints full time and attends Agricultural Shows, Highland Shows and various other events to sell her original paintings, printed cards and cushions from her original artwork. Her work has been exhibited at Dunkeld Art Exhibition, Meffan Winter Exhibition and Rattray Art Festival, this year Marianne is opening her studio during Strathmore Open Studios in May and will be continuing to have stalls throughout the year.

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Megan Reilly

My name is Megan Reilly and i am a mural artist based in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. I started my business back in 2012 and since then have painted over 1000 murals in both residential and commercial properties. I absolutely love taking boring plain walls and transforming them with bright colours and eclectic designs. The thing i love most about my job is seeing the customers reactions and how happy it makes them to see their vision become reality. Being part of this art trail means a lot for me, Seeing my artwork touring round Scotland and then being auctioned off to raise money for the RHS charity is any artists dream come true.


Michael Ferns

In 2010 Michael graduated from the University of Plymouth after studying illustration. Living in Jersey, Michael volunteered for Jersey Heritage in which he took part in a variety of projects including the successful Jersey Heritage and Culture Maps guide book. Michael created the illustrations and designed the whole book, also contributing to a majority of the walks. In 2017 the publication was released and has now sold over 1000 copies. The success of the book opened up to commissions and exhibitions. From illustrating tea towels to Christmas cards, children's illustrations to house illustrations. His focus is mainly of buildings and atmospheric landscapes with inspiration from the neo romanticists of the 1940s.

Michael Ferns

Michelle Mann

Living and working in rural Aberdeenshire Michelle is particularly inspired by rural life and the outdoors. She lives on farm with her partner and son, where she works from a home studio whilst juggling farm and family life. She is a self-taught artist, working primarily in Pastels and watercolour, to produce lifelike artwork of livestock, pets, and wildlife, aiming to create lively images full of character and likeness to the subject. She set up her small business, MGM Enterprise, to encompass her passions for Artwork, Photography and Agriculture and when not in the studio is often found in wellies or out with her camera. Through these combined passions she hopes to often incorporate a story telling element to her work, celebrating rural and farming life.

Artist Headshot Michelle Mann

Nina Houston

Nina Houston is an artist living and working from Kirriemuir in the Angus area. After studying the BA/Hons in Painting at Edinburgh College of Art and graduating in 2009, she and her husband started their wee family. Alongside being a Mum, Nina has continued to create and draw inspiration from her surroundings. Whether it be a bold oil land or seascape with chunky brushstrokes or a delicate floaty watercolour of a much-loved animal, Nina enjoys creating unique commissions for all of her customers. Colour, texture and light are all recurring themes that run throughout her work and she enjoys nothing more than creating something individual and exciting that her viewers can enjoy and be inspired by. With every piece she wants to encourage open discussion about everything artistic, and what it makes the viewer think and feel. Art is so powerful and for everyone to access which is why trails like Flock to the Show are so vital. When she is not busy completing commissions, you will often find her at local makers markets, gathering inspiration on the hills or by the water with her family.

Nina Houston

Olivier Jamin

"Olivier Jamin, Birmingham based, award-winning, contemporary Deaf artist specialising in hand-drawn multi-coloured arts, video, photography, and retail design. He has contributed to successful sculpture trails creating eye-catching artwork for Runaway Reindeer ‘Silvanus’ and Puffin Galore! ‘Nuffin for the Puffin’. He has created many commissioned artworks such as fabric banners for exhibitions and community engagement activities for example for the Roundhouse Birmingham, Victoria Leeds, ASLI and Midlands Arts Centre. He is constantly experimenting, combining the effects of colours and patterns, raising people’s imagination and awareness, continuing as a role model by overcoming challenges and finding space to share experiences for people to learn from and be inspired by. Collaborating with charities, museums/galleries and the private sector, Olivier leads BSL tours, art workshops, installations, and also creates videos with subtitles, British Sign Language and voice over. He also offers talks as a guest speaker and specialist guidance in an access advisory role.

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Pam & Topaz Walker

Pam graduated from Duncan Of Jordanstone College of Art (1992) specialising in Printed textiles & fashion followed by a short period spent as a Designer and then Theatre Manager and finally opening This Little Piggy, Childrens Shoe shop which she has had for 25 years along with having 6 Children. Previously, Pam has won many awards & achievements including winning Scottish Premier Fashion Awards 1991, Jack & Irving Fashion Award 1992 and finalist in both Radio 1 Clothes Show Competition and Barcardi Rum Scottish designer of the Year 1991 and has had her textiles exhibited locally and in London & New York. Her shop has also won UK Best Childrens Independent Footwear Award & Best Marketing Award over numerous years. Topaz, Pam's middle daughter is now wanting to follow in her mums footsteps to go to Art College and pursue a career in the fashion world having completing her A level Art at Strathallan school and won The RSA Schools Art Award 2021. Topaz (19) is currently gaining valuable fashion production experience from 'up and coming' fashion brand Isolated Heroes, alongside a Kindred clothing award before she then moves onto another design studio called 'Dreamland' and finally Art College this Autumn.

Untitled Design

Pauline Paterson

I graduated from the University of Warwick with a first class honours art degree and worked as a secondary school art teacher in England before moving to South West Scotland in 1986, where I combined motherhood with employment as an art tutor for the Dumfries and Galloway Adult Education Scheme, teaching drawing and watercolour painting to adults. In 2003 I opened my own art school in which I was happily employed for over 10 years until a tentative foray into selling art online became, within 2 years, a highly successful online art business and needed my full time attention. I moved ""Thistle Heart Prints"" to larger premises to house the bank of Canon canvas printers needed for my open edition prints and I very quickly identified a strong market in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This necessitated regular field trips around Scotland to source new material which kept my website fresh and exciting. Last year I achieved OAP status and once again felt the need to change direction whereby I could explore my creativity free from commercial constraints. My son took over Thistle Heart Prints, which continues today and I am, at last, free to draw, paint and experiment with new materials and techniques in my studio at home.


Rosie Watson

Rosie Watson is an artist and illustrator living in the east coast of Scotland, creating illustrations primarly with watercolour and gouache paint, collage and digital illustrations. Rosie is mostly inspired by nature and wildlife she sees on walks around her hometown of North Berwick and Scottish Islands. She graduated from Duncan Of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Textile Design in 2017 and continued her creative journey working on exciting commissions and designing different ranges of greeting cards. Rosie uses uplifting and vibrant colours to her designs that aim to bring fun and positivity to people's lives . Her love of colour, pattern and mark-making has shaped her work. She hopes her designs encourages and inspires children and adults to connect with nature right outside their door.

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Sarah Richmond

Sarah Richmond is an artist and illustrator living and working in Edinburgh. She specializes in creating art that incorporates colour pencil, gouache and acyrilc paint. Sarah draws inspiration from the colours, textures and shapes found in the natural world. Sarah's designs are characterized by their cheerful, lively colors, which aim to infuse people's lives with joy and positivity. Her passion for color, pattern, and mark-making is evident in her artwork. Above all, Sarah hopes that her illustrations inspire both children and adults to appreciate and connect with the natural beauty that surrounds them every day.

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Victoria Randlo

Victoria Randlo is a Glasgow based artist who takes inspiration from folktales and nature. A Textile Artist with a background in illustration, painting, community arts, large lantern puppetry and willow sculpture. She originally studied Architecture at Duncan of Jordanstone Dundee, working in the field in Central Scotland for several years before pursuing her interest in natural building and alternative living. She likes to collect traditional methods for creating things, buildings and sculpture. Anything she creates is grounded in nature with a touch of whimsy and mythology. It’s about creating another other worldly atmosphere to escape into. She uses mediums such as vintage fabrics, found & natural objects and mixed media to create sculptures, piecing them together to transport the viewer from the business of everyday life into a place of calm where her creations live a life of myth and possibility. You can find her world on instagram “@themossroom”

Victoria Randlo

Charlotte Brayley

Brayley attended The Glasgow School of Art and graduated in 2006 with an (Hons) Degree in Environmental Art and Sculpture. Since then she has worked as an artist and has gained fame through various art projects involving sheep. She has always loved sheep. She started breeding sheep at the age of 12 and went on to have a pedigree flock of Suffolk sheep. Her latest art project to grab the attention of the media involved her beloved sheep, Alan. He helped pay for her wedding. Illustrations became sought after and competition was high to buy one. Brayley paints with watercolour. Her watercolours are bought by people all over the world and her sculptures can be found in private collections in Washington DC. She has exhibited in galleries throughout Scotland and had one of her sculpture installations was chosen to be installed in Beijing. She has a very active and fabulously friendly social media following. She lives in Comrie, Perthshire, with her husband, two children, three dogs, two chickens and a cat. No sheep at the moment, but that will change.

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