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It all starts with the dairy cow giving birth to the calf, this is nature’s way to stimulate the cow into milk production. The calf then goes off with its friends to be brought up by the farmer and the dairy cow heads with her friends into the dairy herd. The farmer feeds her lots of juicy grass or tasty silage in the winter time so that she gives lots of milk, over time this slowly reduces and she is then ‘dried off’ and she enjoys a bit of TLC for a couple of months just chewing her cud and enjoying her break before she has another calf and the whole process starts up again.

You’ll see the different ways that cows can be milked and the quality checks that are done to make sure that the milk is clean, and that the cow is well and happy. Plus all the types of dairy cows we have in Scotland – we’ve shown you a few but have a look at our resources to see the rest.

Dairy Farming PowerPoint

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