Exhibitors FAQs

Information Trade Stand Exhibitors may find useful

  • New for Exhibitors in 2019

    For 2019 the gates will now open at 7am to the public. This will mean deliveries and C-Pass access for vehicles will be earlier. Please refer to 'further information' in FAQ's and your Trade Guide.

    Exhibitors in Scotland's Larder Live will now be able to preview our anticipated layout change for 2020. Head to the Exhibitors Lounge within the hall for more details.

    The Trade and Contractors Site Office (TaCSO) is located across from the RBS branch, next door to the Young Farmers building. The Trade Stand team and Facilities team will be located here during build, live days and break.


  • When are the tickets delivered?

    The end of May (providing the balance is paid in full)

  • Do I need tickets to accompany my wristband?

    No, if you are wearing a wristband then you do not need any tickets to accompany this. Full details of Tickets & Wristband allocation and use can be found under Section 7 of the Trade Exhibitor Guide.


  • Do we need any build-up vehicle passes to access the Site?

    Yes, cars that have equipment/resources in them to unload onsite require a ‘Car unload pass’, issued in advance along with all other tickets and passes.  The pass is for unloading purposes ONLY and may be exchanged between vehicles on exit. 

    Commercial vehicles will be given a pass on arrival (Mon 4th to Wed 20th). Full details can be found in the trade exhibitor guide Section 14 onwards.

    Once vehicles are unloaded, they must leave the site where they can park up & passengers can then walk back onsite.


  • When and where do I get my build-up passes?

    Car unload passes are issued by the end of May. Commercial vehicles will be given a pass on arrival to the site.

  • Build and Break Information

    Please inform the Trade Stands team on when you expect to arrive on site to commence your build

    Section 17 (page 14) in your Trade Guide details key information on Show 'build'

    Section 35 (page 21) in your Trade Guide details key information on Show 'break'

    Key information relating to Sunday egress after the Show and vital traffic information will be directly communicated to exhibitors

  • Where is the break down information?

     This is confirmed within the Trade Exhibitor Guide. Please see Section 32 - Outdoor Guide and Section 23 – Indoor Guides.  


  • What happens regarding re-stocking of the stand and passes to do this during the Show Days?

    Commercial delivery vehicles, supplying stands with stock during the four days of the show require a ‘C Pass’. All ‘C passes’ are free of charge and should have been requested at time of application; section 8 of the outdoor application form. Commercial vehicles will be allowed access during the four days of the show, for delivery, between the following times:

    04.30hrs and 06.45hrs. The latest access in 06.45hrs. Vehicles must leave the Showground BEFORE 07.00hrs OPENING time.

    20:30hrs and 22:30hrs. The latest access is 22.00hrs

    Vehicles will not be permitted to enter the Showground during public opening times. All on-site or stock vehicles MUST NOT move around the Showground between 06.55hrs and 20.30hrs. Failure to observe the above instructions and times may result in the vehicle and person(s) being removed from the Showground. 

  • Whose name should I put on a courier delivery during the Show?

    All small packages delivered pre-Show and all packages delivered between the hours of 07:00 and 20:30 during the Show must be left at the Deliveries drop off point outside Gate 1. All packages must clearly state the stand name, stand number and have a contact mobile number. If a package is left at the drop of point for you, you will be advised.

  • Is there a maximum height requirement for the stand?

    Maximum heights - 

    Outdoor stand - 10m

    13th Avenue Arcade - 2.5m

    Scotland's Larder Live - 2.5m

  • When do I require a Permit to Break the Ground?

    If you intend to break the surface of the ground anywhere on your site, for any purpose, a Permit to Break the Ground application must be completed. No work which requires a ‘Permit to Break the Ground’ can commence onsite without the person contracted possessing a signed Permit.


  • I need a Permit to work, where can I get one?

    This can be downloaded from the website under the Exhibitor Downloads section 

  • Can I have an Electrical supply on my stand? If so how do I apply for it?

    Yes you can have an electrical supply on your stand; you can download an application form from the exhibitor downloads section our website. If you are unsure whether you have ordered this facility, please contact Pratt Bros on +44(0)131 333 3665.

  • When is the electricity service available from?

    Electrical Services are ordered directly with Pratt Bros Exhibitions. The Royal Highland Show will endeavour to turn ALL power on in the morning of Wednesday before Show, or before if specifically requested. Please note however, the service may be intermittent throughout Wednesday due to testing. All power will be live for Show opening.

    Power issues can be reported to the TaCSO (Trade and Contractors Site Office) and Pratt Bros will be notified.

  • Do you have Wi-Fi onsite?

    Yes, full terms and conditions will be available from the Trade Stand Team from May.

  • Do we need to provide our own bins and bin bags?

    Yes, you are required to collect and manage all rubbish within your stand space and then either place in the general bins provided across the site (or at the side of them) for contactor to uplift.

  • How often is the rubbish collected?

    The bins will be regularly emptied by the onsite contractor throughout the Show.

  • Recycling

    The Royal Highland Show actively encourages recycling. We will have dedicated exhibitor/trader recycling points in certain 'back of house' locations. Details will be communicated to you nearer to the Show. Public recycling points will also be located around the Showground.

    You should strongly consider not using SINGLE USE plastics or packaging that cannot be commonly recycled.


  • Do you have any VIP days at the show, such as Ladies Day perhaps?

    No at present we do not, however if this changes then we will let you know.

  • When can I have access to the caravan site from and until?

    Caravans can come onsite from Monday 17th.

    All caravans must be removed by close of play Monday 24th June.

  • Do you have anyone we should contact regarding PR?

    Yes, please send any information to rhs@representcomms.co.uk

  • Is there a trade stand competition and if so, can we enter it?

    Unfortunately we do not currently have a trade stand competition, however if we introduce one in the future we will let you know. 

  • Do you have any Business facilities/private meeting room’s onsite?

    Yes, we introduced a Business Centre a few years ago which has 5 private meeting rooms, which can be booked in advance or at the reception desk. 

    It also has IT facilities including Wi-Fi, Fax Machine, Photocopier, PC & Printer.  Complimentary refreshments are available for use during meetings. 

    The Business Centre is located overlooking the main ring on 7th Avenue and is open from 9am to 5pm daily; it is free of charge and all trade exhibitors are encouraged to use the facility. 

  • Do you have a list of appointed contractors, including Marquee suppliers, Electrical Suppliers, Plumbing services, Furniture Hire, Banners, Flag Poles, etc?

    Yes, all approved contractors are listed within the Trade Exhibitor Guides, Pages 39-43  of the Outdoor Trade Guide


  • Do you have a long stay car park?

    Yes we do, this is located on the north side of the showground but is not covered by our security and vehicles are parked at your own risk. For exact location please ask on exit of showground.