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When is it on?
The Royal Highland Showcase runs from: Monday 14th June – Sunday 20th June 2021

How do I access the Showcase online? 
By logging on to you’ll be able to view up to four live streams providing nine hours of action on each of the seven days. It will also feature hours of on-demand content which can be accessed throughout the show week.

Do I need to have any software upgrades? 
This shouldn’t be necessary but will depend on your device and how you’re accessing the website.

I’m not very technical – will it be complicated to log on? 
No, there is a quick ‘How to’ video on the Home Page of which will give you all the information you need.

Can I access the Showcase from a tablet/phone/iPad?
Yes, you can  - see the How To information on access and casting to your TV.

How do I access the members area? 
Scroll to the bottom of the Home Page to find a link to ‘Members Area Log-in’ then you will be asked to input your log in credentials.

How long will the content be available after the Showcase? 
The content will be available for 3 months.

How do I know what’s on each day? 
The Schedule will be available to download on the Home Page closer to The Showcase.

Competitor Access

I am a Competitor – when will I get the necessary access info?
We are currently finalising all of our mail-outs and expect to post towards the end of this week for delivery early next week.

I have lost my access badge – what do I do?
If this is prior to the event, please contact If this is during the event, please let a security steward know and they will contact our Control Centre.

Where do I park?
You will be sent a car park pass as part of your overall accreditation package. The car park pass will have a map on the back of it to show you where to go.

How much is it to park?
Parking fees are included as part of your overall Competitor Package.

Can I leave my car overnight?
No, there is no overnight parking allowed unless this is part of the accommodation package you have organised with the Competitions Department.

Do I need to stay in the same area or can I go between sections e.g. cows to sheep?
Competitions are held on the basis that you should Arrive – Compete - -Depart. Competitions will have their own dedicated Arena. Competitors are not allowed to cross over from one Arena to another – for example if you are a Competitor in the Cattle Competition you must stay in that Arena.

Will there be catering e.g. food & alcohol?
There will be catering facilities in each arena but no alcohol is sold or permitted on site.

I am a member of the public – can I pay to get in?
This is a Competitor Only event with no access allowed to the general public or members of RHASS.

What will happen if restrictions change and access opens up – will you be allowing members into the showground?
This is a Competitor Only event with no access allowed to the general public or members of RHASS. This will remain the case irrespective of any relaxation of Covid Restrictions.

I am a member of press – how do I get accredited?
Please email detailing your plans for featuring the show and we will consider your request.

Health & Safety

What H&S measures are in place?
We have extensive measures in place to protect those attending from injury or accident as well as risk from Covid. Please see your Competitor Covid Guidance Handbook and Safety Video.

Do I need to get a Covid test?
No, you do not need a test. We have extensive measures in place to protect those attending from injury or accident as well as risk from Covid. Please see your Competitor Covid Guidance Handbook and Safety Video.

What if I am a Competitor and I get Covid – can one of my family show instead?
If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 – a new, continuous cough; fever or loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste – you should not attend the Showcase. Isolate straight away and arrange a test via or, if you cannot get online, by calling 0800 028 2816. People who live in the same household as a person with these symptoms should also isolate straight away and not attend the Showcase. Please see the full Scottish Government guidance by clicking on the following link

Are you testing judges/staff etc.?
We are not testing anyone as a ‘matter of course’. Rather we are carrying out extensive risk assessments and managing any risk identified on a case-by-case basis. Some people may require to be tested but they will be approached individually. We have extensive measures in place to protect those attending from injury or accident as well as risk from Covid. Please see your Competitor Covid Guidance Handbook and Safety Video.

The Royal Highland Show 2022

Will there be a show next year? 
Yes, we will be planning for the return of the full Royal Highland Show in 2022.

When will the tickets go on sale? 
Super Early Bird Tickets go on sale at midday on 14th June 2021 via the Ticketmaster website;


How do I access the member-only content?
You should have received a letter around 7th June with instructions and a membership card. If you have not received this, please contact the membership team on 0131 335 6215 and we will help you.

I need to talk to someone from the Membership team about taking out a membership.
Membership applications can be printed off from the RHASS website, then completed , scanned and emailed back to  We will aim to set your membership up on the same day provided all the required information is included.

How much does membership cost? 
There are a variety of membership packages available. Please visit and click on “members” at the top of the page  for information.

What are your office hours during Showcase? 
You can call us on 0131 335 6215 between the hours of  09.00 and 17.00. If your call goes to voicemail, please leave a message and we will call you back. Please don’t come to the showground if you are not a competitor.


Competitions Department

Membership Department

Trade Stands Department

Sponsorship & Fundraising Department

General Enquiries
0131 335 6200

Ticketing - Super Early Bird Ticket Launch

How do I purchase a RHS2022 ticket?
All Royal Highland Show Tickets can be purchased on Ticketmaster: Customers will now need to purchase for a specific day of the Royal Highland Show and will only be permitted access on that day. Entry tickets are under the Events Tab. Car Parking & Public Transport tickets are under the Experience Tab and can be purchased as an Upsell after purchasing an Entry Ticket, this means before going through to the payment screen when purchasing an Entry Ticket, you will be asked if you want to purchase a car parking or public transport ticket too.

I have purchased tickets on the Ticketmaster website but I have not received my email with them?
You will receive a confirmation email after payment, but will not receive your e-ticket until nearer to the event. When tickets have been released to your Ticketmaster Account, you will receive a notification email confirming this.

Can I purchase a physical ticket?
No, all tickets will be E-Tickets this year. There will not be an option to get tickets posted out to you.

How much are tickets?
Adult Day Single Admit: £25

Child Day Single Admit –Under 16s: Free with an Adult Day Single Admit. Three, free Child Tickets can be purchased per One Adult Ticket.

Accessible Day Single Admit: £25

Accessible Companion Day Single Admit: Free with an Accessible Day Single Adult

Single Day Parking Ticket: £15

Two Day Parking Ticket: £20

Four Day Parking Ticket: £25

Accessible Single Day Parking Ticket: £15

Accessible Two Day Parking Ticket: £20

Accessible Four Day Parking Ticket: £25

Lothian Buses Travel Option: £7

Edinburgh Trams Adults Return: £3.30

Edinburgh Trams Child Return: £1.70 

Edinburgh Trams Family Return: £9

There is no Concession Ticket.

For Group Bookings, please contact
The Group Discount Scheme is shown below – 
Customers can purchase up to 50 tickets per transaction on the Ticketmaster website.

Group Number 
51 to 100 = 15% Discount

101+ = 20% Discount

Can I purchase a ticket on the gate of the Royal Highland Show 2022?
No tickets will be able to be purchased on the gate. All tickets need to be purchased via the Ticketmaster website.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?
We offer a strict no refunds policy. However, in the scenario the Royal Highland Show had to cancel due to COVID-19 restrictions, you will receive a full refund for the ticket price automatically from Ticketmaster. As per guidance around COVID-19.

I have other ticketing questions.
If you are experiencing ticketing issues, please contact Ticketmaster via one of the contact methods below –
Chat via WhatsApp on:
0344 847 2019 (open Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm)

Or, you can fill out a form on the TM site:

I am a Member; do I need to purchase my tickets via Ticketmaster?
No, the Membership Team will be in touch with all Members in 2022 about their ticket options for the Royal Highland Show 2022.

Royal Highland Show 2022

Buy your tickets for the 2022 Royal Highland Show now at last year’s prices, only a limited number available for each day so buy now to avoid disappointment!

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