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Despite a difficult year in 2020, with your help and support we were able to save the Show for future generations. Whilst in 2021 we can’t have the traditional Show we would have liked and loved, the Royal Highland Showcase is an amazing opportunity to come together digitally to make new memories, inspire each other and share the best of food, farming, and rural life.

The Show will go on, but we know that challenges remain for farming, agriculture and our rural way of life, making the future uncertain. Can you help?

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We were founded to safeguard rural Scotland, and we have done this for over 237 years….but today’s challenges, the ones you face and those of future generations, are more complex. The Royal Highland Agricultural Society of Scotland is committed to ensuring that like us, many more generations can continue to enjoy our rural life, to farm and to prosper in the future.

For those tomorrows, will you give today?

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